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Support LeanIX Enablement and Journey for different types of users

  • 17 October 2023
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Dear LeanIX DACH Community,

We have heard many times that different user groups have different behavior and needs with regards to LeanIX, e.g. power users building diagrams vs. occasionally consuming data. Ideally we want to enable all users in your organization to have a full understanding and adoption of LeanIX.

We are currently aiming to customize our enablement content and product to different user groups and therefore would like to understand respective user needs. Let us know if you connect us to colleagues that would be available to share their insights on using LeanIX, especially if from the following groups:

  • Application Owners / Product / Service / Integration Owners: responsible for maintaining a fact sheet and data quality
  • Project Manager / Transformation Manager: planning and overseeing projects / transformations within LeanIX
  • Business or Management user: mainly viewing information and gaining insights from aggregated data, often for decision-making

Feel free to comment below if you are interested to have a chat or can connect us to one of your colleagues. Looking forward to hear from you and many interesting conversations!

Kind regards,


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