Maximizing your SMP discover integration: How can you get started and maximized your core integration?


Finding methods to minimize expenses, redundant applications, decentralized, and unused licenses related to your organization’s SaaS application needs while maintaining and improving the workflows, which most organizations find the SaaS spend management is very challenging.

LeanIX SaaS Management Platform (SMP) efficiently helps you to centralize discover SaaS applications in your organization, and it allows you to easily integrates with a wide variety of services into a single source of truth.

Azure Active Directory is the one of the popular tools in the market, which most organization helps your employees sign in and access resources in both external resources such as Microsoft 365, Azure Portal, and much more, and internal resources such as apps on your corporate network and intranet, along with developed by your own organization. Azure AD is a valuable source for discovery as it provides not only the ability to discover services and users, but it can also be leveraged to discover employee and department data.

For best practices and seamlessly integrate your core tool with our SMP, we would encourage to take a moment and review our useful documentation click here, which will walk you through steps by steps process to set up you Azure AD with our SMP. Granting permission in Azure AD is a very important step, which you will configure the API permissions for the application by clicking on “API permissions”. Then, select “Microsoft Graph API” from “Request API permissions”. Please ensure to add Application.Read.All, AuditLog.Read.All, and Directory.Read.All from Application permissions option.

Important note: Please make a note of the client secret value as soon as it appears on your screen. It will show when you navigate away from the Certificates & secrets panel.
This value needs to be added to LeanIX under Client Secret. Now, you can effortlessly integrate your core tool like Azure AD with our discovery integration.

Are there other challenges getting your discovery integration started? What is your challenge in setting up Azure AD integration?

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