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Business capabilities in the municipal works sector

  • 8 April 2024
  • 1 reply

Hello everybody,

as we are getting started with LeanIX at the moment, our challenge at the moment is how we define and structure our business capabilities. LeanIX provides a best practices business capabilities map for the energy sector, but this seems a bit much for us. Therefore my question is, if somebody is interested in exchanging ideas / best practices for municipal works companies.


Thank you in advance and have a good start into the week!


1 reply

Hello Markus, 


over at RheinEnergie we have decided to use our Business IT Services in lieu of actual Business Capabilities. 

The reasoning as follows:

  • IT Services (such as ‘Telefonie’, ‘Netz-Kundenservice’, ‘Personalverwaltung’, ‘Fuhrparkmanagement’, …. ) are already known to the Business. 
  • Management is not looking to perform Capability-based planning in the foreseeable future.
  • Our attempts to agree on Business Capabilities failed miserably given that the concept felt alien to people in both IT and Business.

My 2cts worth of opinion on the topic is that business capabilities are a nice tool if you really need to add some structure to a very messy IT landscape. - However, if some reasonable structure is already there that you can use to allocate budgets and group applications and projects, - you might just as well use what is there.