Automated aggregation of survey results from different participants.

  • 23 October 2023
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Hi Team,
I want to check if following use-case is possible to implement in LeanIX for application assessment.

1. Initiate TIME survey in LeanIX. Participants will fill up survey and we would get functional fit and technical fit values.
2. Collate/aggregate/average all survey results for particular application and create average values for functional fit & technical fit
3. Based on above values suggest 4R classification

out of the above steps I could create 1st step and I could get individual participant's average score for functional fit & tech fit. But I need to know if I can calculate average score from multiple survey's functional & tech fit scores.

3 replies

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Hi @Pankaj Chavan ,

If I understand correctly, I believe that to achieve what you want to do you will have to NOT include the Factsheet field in the Survey, but instead to add custom Survey field (maybe a Radio type will suit the TIME scenario). This is because when sending Survey that has multiple targets with update access (responders) for the same Factsheet and you include the Factsheet field on the survey, the last one responding will “win”, although each responder can see what the previous ones responded. After survey completed, export the responses as spreadsheet, calculate what you need and use the spreadsheet as a base for import.

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Hi @Pankaj Chavan

Thanks for the great question. As of today, the above use case isn’t possible with the LeanIX out of the box features. However, you could make use of our APIs in order to calculate the average functional or technical fit and then overwrite the attribute which follows at the moment the “last answer wins” approach. @Helder.Luz, is also a fair approach to tackle this issue. 

Additionally, I think this is a great use case and I’d kindly ask you to submit this as an idea to our Product Management colleagues via this link:

If you like to exchange on this use case a little further or understand how we helped other customers achieving this, feel free to give me a ping. 

Jan-Thomas “JT”

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Hi @Pankaj Chavan, this sounds like a perfect use case for LeanIX Professional Services / @Simon Uerdingen, they are working a lot with Surveys and calculated fields.
If you don’t want to start a Professional Services project, you can also implement it yourself. With LeanIX Automation Platform, it’s less than 10 lines of code:

  • If a survey response comes in, go through all fact sheets covered in the survey response
  • For each fact sheet, go through all other survey responses for this fact sheet and calculate the average
  • Update the attributes.