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  • 2 February 2024
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Hi Team,

I am populating Factsheet Type = User Group with Organization Data and the “Alias” field has details of an organization unit.

How can I reference the “Alias” field in factsheet type = User Group in another factsheet type “Application” (field = Business unit)


Does LEANIX allow cross factsheet type reference? 


Purpose - Identify which applications belong to which business unit. 




1 reply

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Hi Sonia,

It’s not possible to link directly to an attribute in a fact sheet, the relation just connects two fact sheets. But what you could try to do is to make the alias a part of your display name, so that it’s displayed everywhere where the display name is shown. Something like: displayName = [BU Name] + Parent hierarchy name + UserGroup name.

Your CSM team can help you to change the formula for the display name, and I think they are able to integrate the alias in there as well. Please create a ticket to check with them.