Cost management in LeanIX

  • 18 July 2023
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Our management are very interesting to have a view of Cost of each application. Costing modelization are quite complexe … some application are CAPEX some are OPEX … some have shared ressources (and shared cost).

Who have do something interesting on the “cost” application topic ? 


5 replies

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Hi Stephane,

I’m exploring a simple option to show the potential savings from decommissioning applications that are TIME: Eliminate but still Lifecycle: Active. 

Rather than calculate the Total Annual Costs from the underlying IT Components (which as you say is complex to model), I’ve just added an Annual Contract Cost to the Application factsheet. I’ve also added a Contract Expires In indicator to give a sense of urgency to realising the savings. 


Potential cost savings from decommissioning applications marked Eliminate but still Active. (Dummy data used.)


I’ve thought about adding more fields to the Application factsheet in line with the TBM Cost Pools. The costs would imported in LeanIX as read-only fields as supplied by our Finance team. Ideally, I would then derive the Total Cost using the proposed Inventory: Configure calculated fields feature (currently in voting on the Product Roadmap).

Happy to chat 1-on-1 if that helps. 

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Hi again @Stephane Peiti, I found this Total Cost Of Ownership presentation from the LeanIX Connect Summit Americas East 2023 that you might find interesting. 

How have you progressed in the last few months? 

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I guess you could use an Automation on Lifecycle phase change to trigger a reminder for renewal.

(in absence of a date-field as trigger for an automation)

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We are still in progress. Today Finance & Purchasing work to define what is the need (how to split cost in different category).

Carrier presentation are good approach, little big too complex on some part … but insipring. 


I’m pretty sure that use relation between application & IT component is not a very friendly approach.


I’m also pretty sure we need to use a dedicated reporting tool, like power BI (standard report are too limited, they are no pie, bar graph etc ...)


I keep you inform when we a have a 1st proof of concept. 



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Hi, @Stephane Peiti. similar to @Stephen Gates for annual contract cost we have created a new attribute field in the Application factsheet for a total “cost to run” which is in range buckets. This can be used as a “view” in the standard reports but have also found this useful for application information dashboards, where simple pie and bar charts are available.

When maturity develops and the view is worthy of the climb, we would look to derive this value range using automations from IT Component cost and maybe supplement with a numeric value field as well. In order to benefit from the Power BI/Tableau OData integration for enhanced reporting and summation of actual values.