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Importing relations as "Leave empty"

  • 13 December 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I have a question and ofcourse I could create a support ticket for that. As the topic is not too urgent and I wanted to start a topic in community therefore, I thought about posting it here.

The topic is the following: for relations we have the possibility to deliberately select, “Leave Empty” and this contributes to the overall completion score of a factsheet (if applicable).

Is there a possibility to import relations via excel on multilple factsheets (say application) as “Leave Empty” instead of manually maintaining it? 


I hope I can get some positive answers. 

Thank you in advance. 


Best regards.


Best answer by Thomas Schreiner 15 December 2023, 10:10

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7 replies

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Hi @Tahir_Waheed, Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. Technically, the “intentionally left blank” relations are not values of the relation itself, but a list of intentionally left blank relation names in another data structure called “naFields” (“not applicable fields”).

If you want to set this via a mass update, you would have to write your own custom script, for example in Python using our LeanIX partner product:

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Hi @Thomas Schreiner  thanks a lot for your answer. I will definately have a look on the product and get back to you in case of any questions. 


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@Tahir_Waheed No problem, anytime :-) If you want to try it out in your browser, you can use this simplified demo environment:

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Great! Thanks a lot once again.

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You are welcome! If you want to make it easier for other community participants to find the right answers, feel free to mark my first reply as “Best answer”.

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@Tahir_Waheed I submitted this as an additional use case a while back in the roadmap item while voting on it.

Perhaps you could do the same with your own justification on why you think it is important/critical to be able to import relations as intentionally empty.

Power to the people!

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Hi @Justin Swift thank you for your comment as well! I just upvoted the idea with this functionality to be included in the excel importer :).