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Modeling Organization for Applications used by everyone?

  • 11 April 2024
  • 3 replies

Does anyone have any advice on how best to model an Organization-Application linkage for Apps that are used by everyone in the organization? I’m thinking I’d want to create a Level 1 Organization (subtype=BU) to represent all employees of the organization generically. If there’s a specific team or region of users where that application has a distinct functional fit that needs to be called out, then we would add those as additional organizations. I think that should give us flexibility to provide insight into different usage perspectives for those shared services, but curious to know what approaches others have taken.

3 replies

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Hi @eric.jerskey 

Having a „global“ organization can be a disadvantage if you want to list all applications used by a specific org, because you always need to add all global apps to it (if it‘s in a separate hierarchy) or because it messes up your display names by adding the virtual „global“ node at the very top.

I prefer the approach to mark global apps using a tag called „global“, and then setting up an automation that keeps all global apps linked to all relevant organizations.

I‘m explaining a very basic implementation of this exact use case in our latest LeanIX automation talk, somewhere in the middle of the webinar in the part about LeanIX Automation Platform:


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HI @eric.jerskey 

We have a “Global” organisation (subtype = Team) that are the “owner” in a relationship to the application. As we are continually adding other organisations to the globally managed applications we also keep track of those by other (subtype usually = “BU” but some others) as a “user” with “active from” dates and other attributes if needed.

The advantage of keeping individual BU organisations in the relation means you can easily filter lists/diagrams/reports and even use portals, whilst retaining flexibility for and details about planned consolidation, acquisitions or divestments.

It really depends on how dynamic your organisations are and whether that view is worth the efforts for you to maintain.

Thank you both for the feedback. Sounds like the “Best answer” is dependent on the use case, so I might need to experiment with both. 🙏