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Portal: Advanced Settings Reference docs?

  • 5 April 2024
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Does anyone know where I can find reference documentation on the Advanced tab for Portals?

Portal ( - this provides awareness that it exists, but I cannot seem to find any documentation referencing the valid JSON structure or values.


Best answer by Thomas Schreiner 6 April 2024, 08:48

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Hi @ploe 

I don’t think that the Advanced Configuration is intended for adapting the configuration values manually yourself. It’s rather a common pattern that I see across many different LeanIX services (surveys, integrations etc) to allow you to easily transfer the configuration to other workspaces, or to quickly restore another configuration that you saved earlier. I assume it doesn’t give you any other capabilities that you cannot configure in the config UI itself - it’s just another means of accessing it.

@ LeanIX folks - correct me if I‘m wrong :)