Portal: How to add a Diagram to the Factsheet detailed view

  • 4 February 2024
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In my company, for the Business Context/process factsheet, we add as a resource type the related BP diagram. We do it under tab resources, select Diagram ( Link, File , Diagram options available) and then select the Free Draw diagram we want to assign to the factsheet.

In the BP portal, in the detailed section, we would like display the link to the Diagram assigned to that Business Context/process Factsheet. It seems that only resources added under “Link” can be shown in the Portal.

Does anybody know how to add a Diagram so it can be displayed detailed section of an Factsheet in the Portal?



4 replies

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Hi @silviagomez,

As far as I know, It is not possible at this stage.


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Hello @silviagomez ,
as ​​​@Helder.Luz wrote it is not possible. As a workaround you can put the link to the diagram into the description of the application (or create & publish a new field for that purpose).
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Hi @silviagomez ,

I don;t see this specific feature request in the product roadmap for portal functionality but you could add your use case into the comments for the generic MS-Teams and Portal roadmap item

While you are there maybe you can look at and possibly add your interest on the logo upload for Portal so that it gets pushed up the queue.

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Thanks for your answers.

As a temporary work around we have added it as a resource link but it would be better to be able to display it in the portal as a proper diagram.

I will create a request for it.

Thanks, Silvia