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Survey user target change

  • 22 May 2023
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I’m not sure that the right place to put this question … but I’m trying.


I’ve launched a survey few days ago which targeted several users (application accountable). 


Some user inform me that accountable have changed.


Two case exist :

  • 1st case : user answer the 1st question to confirm is the accountable, if not they have text filed to give the name of the new accountable. In this case the survey are considered done.
  • 2nd case : use inform me by email to change the accountable (but user don’t answer the survey).


They have a way to :

  • relaunch the survey on specific fact sheet ? (without running a new survey with dedicated target, in order to have global overview of the survey).
  • automatic update the target user of a survey (if the fact-sheet subscription was updated)


Currently I use the old survey engine (because I have some fact-sheet element and conditionality).


Thanks you in advance.

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3 replies

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Hi @Stephane Peiti ,

I’m not an expert of surveys, but I know you can send reminders in the administration module. Question is whether the new “subscribers” (new accountable persons) would be recipients of the reminders if they weren’t recipients of the initial survey campaign.

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Hi @Stephane Peiti Thanks for raising this request!
We need to check the survey - Could you open a support Ticket, because we need a few more details. (Link to the Survey, Workspace name)
As soon as we have checked it, we can also share our feedback here!
Larissa Golf - LeanIX Support Team

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Hi @Larissa Golf , request 79401 😉