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Tracking multiple divisions migrating from interface 1.0 to interface 2.0 at different times

  • 22 February 2024
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Hello All!


We have multiple business divisions using a single interface (Interface 1.0) today.

A new interface (Interface 2.0) is being deployed and it is expected that the divisions will migrate to the new interface (2.0) over time and sequenced.

What is the best way to track and report on the progress of the migration of divisions over time?

I have added a new relation to the Interface factsheet for User Group factsheets. This seems to provide the necessary tracking and reporting based on the Active From and Active Until relation data. 

The same Provider application is providing the interface to consuming applications.


Just wanted to ask the community to see if there are any other ideas out there or any concerns with adding this new relationship to the factsheet.





Best answer by Justin Swift 23 February 2024, 14:17

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4 replies

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Hi @MMurray ,

You mention that there are multiple consuming applications. I’m not sure if this is really separate division specific instances of the same application or functionality distinct applications. If it is the later, then you can just have each application consuming the appropriate interface and use the active from/to dates accordingly without any problem, so I’m assuming that your scenario is that you have the later case of separate instances of the same Application. A way around this would be to use the new Deployment application subtype ( see ) and have each Deployment consume the appropriate interface. This would be more effort to model deployments, but it would represent your real world.


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Hi @Helder.Luz,

Thanks very much for your reply. I will review the section you provided for additional insight. 

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@MMurray if its any consolation or validation for you we have added the Organisation relation to the Interface factsheet. In the same way we can understand business units moving onto regional strategic applications we can also understand the integration catalogue uses and derive better impact analysis on changes.

I suppose the same outcome could be achieved through IT Components related to the interface but as there are many different use cases for IT Components there is a bit more clarity in this direct relationship for us.

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Thanks @Justin Swift.

I think this is exactly what I had been thinking. Although we don’t have meta model 4 (yet) which contains “Organization” factsheet types, but we do have the “User Group” factsheet where our divisional structure is modeled.

I had added the User Group relation to our Interface Factsheet. This seemed to be the most appropriate approach for tracking which division(s) are using which Interface.

Thanks again as this helps confirm my thinking as well.