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What is an Application Portfolio Assessment and why has it become so relevant for companies?

  • 23 March 2023
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Application Portfolio Assessment (APA) is usually the first step on your journey with LeanIX. It helps you build a repository of your applications and drive faster technical and functional assessments.


As companies continue to grow and evolve, their IT landscape often becomes increasingly complex. Application portfolios can expand and therefore become disorganized, making it challenging to manage and maintain them effectively. That is where Application Portfolio Assessment (APA) is used.

Application Portfolio Assessment (APA) involves the analysis of an organization's Application Portfolio to understand its strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities. By conducting an APA, companies can identify any redundant, outdated, or trivial applications and systems, which can help reduce IT costs and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, an APA can help companies identify new opportunities for innovative and emerging technologies.

LeanIX and its APA module provides in-depth insights into an organization's Application Landscape, IT Components, and Business Capabilities. This can help organizations make informed decisions about their Application Portfolio, automate the rationalization of their Application Landscape, and map their IT Components to their Business Capabilities. Additionally, LeanIX provides a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API), which enables organizations to integrate the platform into their existing toolchains. 

However, implementing a LeanIX project is not always a straightforward task. Companies should take time to consider their specific use cases, structure adequate teams, and allocate sufficient resources to ensure success. By conducting a proper APA, companies can gain a better understanding of their application landscape to select the right tools for implementing a LeanIX project.

Now for those of you who have conducted an APA, what advice do you have for companies looking to implement LeanIX? What are the first steps that need to be taken in order to implement this project?




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