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Who would like to collaborate to build a Business Capability Map for hospitals?

  • 14 July 2023
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Hi group,

One intention why we initiated this healthcare user group was to follow up on several requests from our user base to collaborate with peers on building a Business Capability Map for hospitals.

Please reply to this message, when you’re interested in joining a peer group to start this initiative.

When we gathered a minimum amount of people, I will manage next steps and contribute from the LeanIX team and with 15+ years of experience in healthcare IT.

3 replies

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We have just started with LeanIX, and my first task was to import Region Stockholms Capability Map for Health Care from Sparx EA. Its in Swedish, if any one interested I can publish it someware here.

This is a great topic as there isn’t a pre-defined Business Capability Reference Model for HealthCare in general.

In our case, Healthcare FinTech, we are starting with Organizations, Business Capabilities, and Applications as suggested by the training materials.

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You might want to take a look at ZiRa (Reference Architecture for hospitals in Dutch). The OpenGroup made an English version in 2023 -