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Link central Exit Management to LEANIX/CMDB???

  • 2 April 2024
  • 3 replies

Hi Team,

Has anyone here seen a central exit management portal that links  to LEANIX/CMDB thus helping in user access revocation controls?



3 replies

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Hi @SoniaMerck, I have not yet seen an exit management portal integrated to LeanIX, but I have seen LeanIX integrated with Organization Management (AD / Entra ID, HR etc.) to automatically replace or remove outdated subscriptions in LeanIX, e.g. via replacing them by their manager.

For all applications that are connected to a central IAM solution, access revocation controls for exiting users are not a big problem, but I guess you are rather talking about applications with locally-managed users, right?

Hi @Thomas Schreiner ,


Thank you for the response. Please find below the issues we faced:

  1. We remove “Exits” from LEANIX but never get a replacement for months, so automatic replacement logic is failing. We are trying your recommendation of adding the line manager for future reference and follow ups from Azure subscriptions code. 
  2. Yes, locally managed users are a big challenge today. 
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If you need any examples or even a predefined LeanIX Automation that adds the manager from Azure / Entra ID, let me know. I have this integration up and running in my own environment right now.