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Project demand

  • 19 January 2024
  • 4 replies


We want to start using project demand in LeanIX using a project value proposition that we intend to create. The necessary fields for this record have already been identified, but we are encountering difficulties regarding the process.  

Have you already implemented a project request use case in LeanIX? If yes, could you share it with us? 

 I am available for further information. 

Best regards, 


4 replies

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Hi Sokhna,


we do also evaluate if this is possible in LeanIX. Its not directly a project demand, but more an idea or a problem description which leads to a project.

What we did so far is as follows:

  1. Configuration of a (temp.) FactSheet Type with the required attributes and relations
  2. Definition of an accountable role who is/are in charge to evaluate the demand/issue
    1. This is something which is currently manual. The responsible persons are mainly the process owners of the process which is related to this demand. Would be creat to automate it, but this is currently not possible via onboard automation (check who is accountable for a related factsheet...)
  3. When approving the demand/issue, the accountable gets a ToDo to evaluate it
  4. At the same time a status field is set to submitted
  5. There is a dashboard which shows all submitted demands for  those who are accountable/responsible.


As mentioned, we are only testing this currenty:

  • it improves the quality of demands
  • its great to see what is affected (Process, Application...) by a demand
  • Potential good reporting

But its also not perfect:

  • LeanIX is not a workflow management tool. E.g. there is no submit button which would make the process easier for new users.
  • How data is entered is also not easy to catch for new users. But we are trying out Surveys, and the first responses are very positive.
  • Another issue is that quality seals get broken of affected factsheets, which might be okay depending on the amount of demands you have + the responsible get informed about a new related demand…
  • The Notifications you can send are limited. ToDos help here with Automations and Action Items.


Curios about your or others experience :)





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Hi Sokhna,

we are also testing if a “project request” process is possible in LeanIX.


What we did so far:

  1. Create a temporary fact sheet type for testing purposes with the required attributes and relationships
  2. Definition of the subscription roles (e.g. accountable process owner)
  3. Testing the process
    1. Approval of the factsheet will “submit” the demand. We have an automation which sets a single select attribute “Status” to submitted, incl. a tag.
  4. The accountable gets a ToDo if a demand was submitted
  5. There is a dashboard with all submitted demands per accountable subscription.


First results, keeping in mind that LeanIX is not a workflow management tool.

  1. Business users, which don’t work in LeanIX, also have issues in filling the fact sheet at the beginning. You have to guide them that there is a edit button and a “Add” button add relationships.
    1. We are working to use Surveys for this and got some positive feedback. Just hard to integrated surveys into the process. As someone has to add a factsheet first, add the subscriptions and then start the survey.
  2. Standard users have issues to understand that they can submit the request by using the quality seal approval. → Can be solve with surveys.
  3. The same is true for subscriptions, which is currently a manual process. Would be great to make this automatic, by adding the accountable subscription of the related process or system to the demand factsheet. But this can’t be done with the onboard automation at the moment.
  4. There is no “approval” button for the demand itself. So this is also a small issue to get used to for our approvers.
  5. If a demand has a relation to e.g. a system, this relation breaks the quality seal of that related system. Depending on your process and the amount of demands, this might be okay or not.

In general, I think having some important demands in the system is valuable by seeing their potential impact. It also helps to increase the quality of a demand description.


Curious to here about your or others experience,


Hello André,

Thank you for sharing your first process with us which is very interesting.

We started from the base to use the "Initiatives" sheets directly by creating a "request" subcategory and with the conditional fields, we brought up the fields concerned.

Initially, we have the same problem with filling out the factsheet, because business users have difficulty filling in the factsheet, but given that we have users who manage project requests, there is support that can be provided. be done.
And you used surveys, I have a question because for requests we always have the same people and each time add the person's subscription in the factsheet before they receive the survey, it seems quite complex , what process did you use? If a person has a request, he presents it to you, you will retrieve some information, you create the factsheet, fill in the information and subscriptions and the survey is sent to him or everything is done on the user side, he creates the factsheet directly in LeanIX and in this case you have carried out training...
And one last question, did you take cost validations into account in LeanIX or did you use another platform? If yes, have you set up an interface so that after validation of the form there is a process for the costs which is triggered.

Looking forward to reading your response.



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Hi @Sokhna ,

To answer you last question, we don’t connecto to another platform regarding cost. We are planning to do this on a high level in LeanIX. Details are done in a PPM system or by a finance system.

Regarding the survey: Yeah thats an issue :). One way to do this is to have a long running survey which includes all initiative in a specific state. If you have a new initiative, it will be added to this long running survey. But the systems only checks for new FactSheets of a survey ~ every 1h. You can trigger this by using the LeanIX API. Anyway its not perfect as you still have to create the FactSheet. Because of that, we will propably not use Surveys.

Best wishes,