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Updating Business Application data from ServiceNow

  • 5 April 2024
  • 3 replies

Hi all, I have a requirement to update fact sheet type- Application data in LeanIX through Servicenow. I have already integrated with ServiceNow through the O-O-B integration available but that is for creating Application records in Servicenow from LeanIX. And since, we can't make another fact sheet mapping to do the opposite too, I was thinking of how to do that in LeanIX. Please let me know how to do it. Also, can Integration API do this ? (Just to remind again, I want to update BA records in LeanIX from Servicenow). Thanks for your help in advance.

3 replies

We have a bi-directional integration for Business Application record creation/updates using the OOB integration to ServiceNow. We’re the opposite direction where we push creation from LeanIX>SNOW, and receive updates  from SNOW>LeanIX, but i’m quite sure flipping this should also be possible as we used to have creation come from SNOW...It did take a little bit of support from the LeanIX team to ensure our Json code within that integration was working properly, but they were great at helping us troubhleshoot and learn more about that OOB integration. 

Essentially you’d want to make sure your main application record direction was set to come from ServiceNow

and then within your Field Mapping Configuration, you can flip the direction of the specific field you want to push to ServiceNow From LeanIX for Updates


@Julie McGoldrick Hi Julie, actually what I want is to do the same for all what I mean to say is...if I'm updating 10 fields from leanIX to servicenow, I should be able to update those same 10 fields from servicenow to LeanIX which I saw in LeanIX wasn't possible through the OOB integration as we can choose different fields for that but not the same ones. From what I saw, we can specify only one direction for a particular field but I want to make that bi-directional 

@JakeScott Bi-directional on the same field is not possible in the OOB, nor would I recommend that in any integration.  You should always have 1 master source to create and make updates and you can get granular per field.  If you’re creating in ServiceNow and pushing to LeanIX, you should configure your fields in LeanIX to not be editable (except for admins to to troubleshoot integration issues), and force updates to be made in Service Now. If you’re having user licensing issues in SNOW for the ability/acces to make updates to Business apps, then i recommend you switch to using LeanIX for the master, but allow for additional fields (such as relations to services, and assigned support groups in SNOW to be updated by the experts that have full ITIL access to do that)