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What's your daily energy booster?!

  • 16 August 2023
  • 3 replies
What's your daily energy booster?!
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A lot of us are coffee lovers, right? At LeanIX, we do not only drink espresso, cappuccino, or the classic cafe crema.

We also love a Club Mate boost, and some of us prefer tea...not only those of us based out of our London Office. 

What’s your daily booster? Share it with us!

3 replies


On office days: Fresh air on the way to the office, then coffee 

On home-office days: Filter coffee with oat milk when arriving at the desk, then preferably a walk during lunch break or in the evening 

  • Sports before work (preferably running or playing tennis)
  • Walk & Talk 1:1s
  • A nicely crafted cappuccino :-) 
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Expresso all the way. Occasionally double-expresso.