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Diagram containing Names and Descriptions from Factsheets

  • 11 April 2024
  • 3 replies

I am trying to generate a simple diagram that contains all our business capabilities and the Description for each business capability. I can make a diagram that has the Business Capability Names and relationships but I can’t find out how to add the descriptions, does anyone know how do I do that?

3 replies

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That would make a very detailed and cluttered diagram if you include descriptions for all of your business capabilities.  If people want to see a description, they can click on the the business capability or any other element to see it and other attributes in the righthand panel.   

Obviously, this is not much use if you want to share a diagram as a printout, PDF or image.  Therefore, I would like to however see the ability to link a description and attributes note for business capabilities and other elements in free draw diagrams in LeanIX; very much as can be done in Sparx EA.

whitecaps - We had a similar request, not a description, but the Capability owner.  We wanted to have the L1 capability name, capability owner, and count of L2 capabilities on a single diagram.  The motivation for this request was to provide an “at a glance” view of the entire capability estate + our team had created a powerBI report with the same view, and Liked the “at a glance” view, but didn’t like powerBI.  Right now, we’re doing things like showing powerBI in a data frame within LeanIX - not ideal, and its just ugly.  not sure if there is a solution for this.

I am going to export a list of names and descriptions from the inventory. I am using the Business Capabilities as a base layer over which I can add stuff in different diagrams like apps, data, integrations etc. I just wanted to introduce the base layer diagram to the reader so I could expand on it in later diagrams which won’t contain the descriptions.