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SaaS Discovery using ZScaler

  • 4 September 2023
  • 2 replies

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Hi Community, 

I’m curios to hear if any of you are using or exploring using ZScaler (Web Application Proxy) to discover/inventory your Business IT / Shadow IT landscape? If yes, what’s you experience? How did you go about. 

BR. //Thomas

2 replies


Hi Thomas:

There are a couple of ways you can use ZScaler in combination with SMP to discover/inventory your Landscape.  ZScaler provides a process on their website to pull Shadow IT in a report:

You can upload the results (only App ID and App Name is needed) to have full visibility of this data with your other integrated discovery methods in SMP. 

Feel free to follow up with your LeanIX resource for additional details and the community for other insights!


Thank you, 



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This is now on the SMP next 12 months roadmap [EAM / SMP] Zscaler (integration)