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Using Diagrams to store documentation?

  • 7 December 2023
  • 6 replies

Has anyone used Diagrams to store their company-specific documentation?  Such as standards and guidelines for using fact sheets?

6 replies

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We are setting up a new unique factsheet type to house architectural standards. The reason we are doing this is so that we can relate the standard in question to an application to call out exceptions if those standards are not being met. 

We are using diagrams to create decision tree rubric documentation to show how people should apply reasoning for fields such as Technical Fit or Functional Fit. 

We use the resource link on the factsheet to tie to additional information about the application, project, or other. 

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Hi Kathy!

We created a “Building Block” Factsheet type to store information of Architecture Patterns for reuse in solution design.

The Factsheet has information regarding applicable use cases for the pattern, as well as the relationships to IT Components, Tech Categories, Applications and interfaces it uses.

There are two subtypes of Building Block (per TOGAFs definition): Architecture Building Block, for Logical Patterns (mostly Tech Categories) and Solution Building Block, for Physical Patterns (IT Components, Interfaces, Applications).

We use the Resources tab to store links to any documentation (either links to existing URLs, or documents) and diagrams (in FreeDraw).

For more general documentation, Architecture Guidelines & Standards we keep links to other documentation sources, via links and uploaded documentation. Linked to an EA Objectives Factsheet. 

Hope this helps.



My customers typically use the 'Resources' feature to link company-specific documents to a SharePoint site. They also reference the diagram for Enterprise Architecture process-related visuals. Please see 'Store Resources' on fact sheets.


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We have extended the meta model with two new fact sheets type. One is Architecture Principles that can be related to Applications and IT Components - we can then visualize (report) the level of alignment. Second we have added Architecture Decisions Records (ADR) - we document Architecture Decisions inc. rational, options, alignment with our principle's, impact etc. We also encourage people to use the 'Resources' feature to link company-specific documents to a SharePoint site, DevOps etc.


Thanks for all the replies!

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We keep documentation artifacts out of 3rd-party SaaS services such as LeanIX,, etc. Instead, we refer out to a central document service that is much more robust.

For LeanIX specifically, diagrams are in the NG editor. Other documentation is linked out to Confluence wiki pages or to SharePoint Online. These platforms offer version control, eDiscovery, full text/enterprise search, data classification, etc.